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Crisis Techniques

Crisis Techniques

There are times in everyone’s life when you feel that there is no way out. You begin to feel hopeless and helpless. You need to get over the feelings by trying to make the most out of your time. You need to keep in mind that there are many times when you need to look at the crisis and take a step back. The minute that you take a step back and begin to use Meditation techniques you will find that you’ll be able to move on from the crisis and you’ll be able to come out of the situation a better person. You’ll find that there are two things that you can do when a real crisis pops up.

Tuning into your inner Zen

The first thing that you can do in a crisis is to just take a moment from the panicky feelings and look past the anger and the fear. You’ll need to make attention to the things that are around you at the moment. You will need to take a moment and you’ll need to distract yourself for a little bit. Start looking for things that are blue (or any other color) and name them. You will need to start naming things in the room or even naming your pain. When you name your pain you are able to say that you hurt in a specific place and also that your pain is based on some type of emotion. You’ll begin to own the pain and the feelings. This will help you to face some of your problems and you should be able to control some of the pain and some of the underlying issues.

The second thing that you can do to get over your pain is to leave the area. Often you may not be able to turn to meditation, but you have to consider going outside, going to a different room, or even leaving the entire situation behind you for a while. You’ll want to take yourself from the busy and chaotic situation and place yourself in a room that is peaceful. All you have to do is sit in the middle of the room in a meditation state. When you are in this state you don’t want to pay attention to things like your neighbor’s dog, but you need to pay attention to your breathing. When you begin to take control of the pain, you are able to become a bigger and better person.

The Zen techniques

When you are feeling really shaky about yourself or about the past drug or alcohol abuse that you have endured, it is always best that you reach out to others. Meditation is great. The Zen techniques will help you to take control of your feelings. It will also help you to own your feelings, but you have to realize that it will not help you to keep yourself going down the right path. Remember, Zen is going to allow you to see all the answers that you are looking for, however, you have to want to change yourself. Instead of allowing others to watch you go down a destructive path, you’ll want to take this time and allow others to take care of yourself emotionally. Everyone needs emotional support. You’ll want to consider that there are so many ways that you can overcome your changes or obstacles, but you need to have the emotional support of others to want to change.

Zen will help you to believe in yourself, but you’ll also need the chance to allow others to encourage you. You’ll feel better knowing that you can change, but take comfort in knowing that others believe in you as well. You’ll want to consider that there are many ways that you’ll be able to use Zen training for personal gain and enrichment, but you still need support from others in order to change.

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