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Who Can Use Reiki?

Who Can Use Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique open to everyone who wants to try it and learn how to use it. There is no restriction on who can learn to use Reiki and who cannot. In fact, it is one of the most permissive healing techniques because there is no way in which the Reiki practitioner can harm in any way himself or the patient.

There is no age restriction

Starting with children and ending with old people, everybody can take part in the wonder of healing themselves and others with the power of their hands.

There is no religious restriction

Many people wrongly assume that, because the energy from Reiki is guided by the creator of this universe, the Reiki Masters must be adepts of one or another religion. This is false, as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or persons of any other religion can become Reiki Masters without betraying their religion. In fact, most of those who have tried this form of Healing claim to be closer to their creator (no matter what name it bore for them).

There is no gender restriction

This is another proof that you do not have to be a member of any religion to become a Reiki Master as in most known religions women were not allowed to be priests or have any important role in the religious hierarchy. Yet, both men and women can become Reiki masters, as they will be only the channels, while the healing action will be performed by the supreme force through the energy guided by it.

Reiki Practitioner

The only criterion a Reiki practitioner must fulfill is to have the necessary attunement in order to perform Reiki. The attunements are empowerment received by Reiki students by their masters as proof of the fact that they are ready to start their healing activity. These are special sessions during which the students are given special directions regarding how to channel the energy and are given more power to heal themselves and others.

Thus, if you want to become a Reiki master, you can do that after you have undergone a preparation stage and have received the special attunements. Any other detail regarding your physical or intellectual abilities as well as your emotional preferences does not matter!

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