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Who Can Learn the Principles of Reiki?

Who Can Learn the Principles of Reiki?

Reiki is one of the most powerful healing techniques. It involves channeling the Ki (life energy or divine power) through the patient’s body and balancing the amount of energy from their bodies. It is used for treating all types of illnesses and diseases and can address physical problems as well as mental and emotional ones. This technique was first explained to people by Dr. Usui who then passed his knowledge and skills to his followers so that Reiki is a healing technique that can be learned. But who can learn it?

Anyone who is ready to believe in the curative force of positive energy is eligible for becoming a Reiki Master. There is no restriction regarding the type of religion one should believe in, no special period of preparation that can last for years, and no intellectual ability necessary in order to be one of those attuned to Reiki. People from all over the world have received their attunement and are now Reiki Masters.

Reiki Masters

Even though there is no restriction regarding the persons who can become Reiki Masters, those who intend to follow this path must know that there are three levels they will have to undergo until they become masters. In each one of those levels, the students will be taught something and at the end of each level, they will receive an attunement. Only after the student has completed all three stages they can be named Reiki Masters.

In addition to that, there is a condition that must be fulfilled by all Reiki students: they must believe and agree with the Reiki principles which state that the Reiki practitioner should live their lives in peace and harmony with the ones around them, will honor the ones which have taught them and brought them to life and will banish every negative feeling from their hearts.

Non-invasive techniques

Reiki is one of those non-invasive techniques which can have positive effects on the entire human body. Yet, it needs a person to channel the energy through the human body. Do you think you can take this responsibility of healing people and bringing that state of wellness to their bodies and minds?

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