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What You Need In Order To Become a Reiki Healer

What You Need In Order To Become a Reiki Healer

Reiki means healing one’s body and/or soul with the use of universal positive energy. Anyone can benefit from the positive effects of this universal power or energy, yet it requires a practitioner who has received the attunement or empowerment to channel the energy through the individual’s body.

Everyone can become a Reiki healer. There is no restriction regarding religion, intellectual capacities, learning or ability to meditate. Anyone who wishes to be initiated into the secrets of the Reiki technique is a potential Reiki healer. However, in order to be able to channel the energy one must necessarily receive attend special preparation Reiki sessions and obtain the attunement. For this, a future Reiki master must undergo a series of preparations. The original Reiki preparation, taught by Dr. Usui involved learning different meditation techniques, breathing exercises, reciting spiritual poetry and the Reiki principles, regular empowerment meant to open the student’s eyes towards this new type of healing, and lastly, the hands-on and distance healing was taught.

Reiki Masters

Nowadays there are two ways in which you can undergo your Reiki apprentice: whether by learning the secrets of Reiki with one of the few Reiki Masters or read their books and practicing Reiki all by yourself. While the first option is considered to be better, it is not always quite affordable for different reasons, ranging from time to the fees one will have to pay. The second option, which is considered by specialists almost as effective as the direct apprenticeship is much more comfortable. Those interested read the book with lessons, perform the activities listed there and they receive indirect attunement. Some Reiki masters are also available on the phone or through email for feedback and/ or comments, so that students can keep in touch with their masters and even receive direct attunement if this is what they want.

Reiki Master Degree

There are 3 levels that a student must reach in order to be a Reiki master: first degree, where you learn the importance of the Reiki practice as well as the necessity of cleaning yourself before learning to clean others; second degree where you are taught the secret uses of Reiki as well as the techniques through which you can heal the others and the third degree when the student becomes a Reiki master who can pass their knowledge to other students.

If becoming a Reiki master is your goal, then you should undergo all those levels, one at a time. For each one, you will receive a special empowerment that will recognize your skills in channeling the energy for healing yourself and others.

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