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What Is Reiki and How Can It Help You

What Is Reiki and How Can It Help You

Stress and modern diseases have started to take over the human population. More and more people complain about serious illnesses and diseases as well as about a weak immune system that is no longer able to cope with the invasion of external, harmful factors. The problem behind all these health issues is the body’s inability to heal itself.

We have bacteria in our bodies all the time, both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Yet, the bad ones are kept under control by the human body through its power of defense. When this power, this healing energy is no longer present inside the body, it can no longer fight back, and the bad energies as well as the diseases set in.

Rei Ki

Reiki (Rei = universal and Ki = life force, energy) means the universal energy, the power which is available in the entire universe, in all the living creatures as well as all-natural items from this planet. This energy is used in helping the body increase its ability to heal and fight back external aggressions. This technique of Japanese origins is both a healing instrument as well as a purifying technique used for prevention.

The principles of Reiki are simple: by balancing the body’s natural energy, its healing power is increased considerably, so that the bacteria and viruses will not be able to defeat it. Also, any type of disease present at that moment inside the body will be healed or at least improved. The Reiki sessions result in a thorough cleansing of the body and in clearing the mind of all the negative thoughts which used to linger there. Thus, the body will be clean and energetically balanced from both a physical and spiritual perspective.

There are two types of Reiki sessions: the direct ones, in which the Reiki master places their hands on the most important parts of the body, and the indirect ones, which take part when the Reiki master cannot reach the client. The procedures are basically the same, with the exception that the client is missing and the Reiki master will just imagine placing their hands on the body. It is said that both procedures are almost equally effective, with slightly more benefic results in the case of hands-on sessions.

Non-invasive Method

Reiki can make wonders for your aura and can help you fight all the diseases of the body and mind which want to take control over you. It is a non-invasive method without any side effects and with great results. Numerous patients stand as proof of that!

Usui Reiki Healing Master