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What Are Reiki’s Connection with Religion

What Are Reiki’s Connections with Religion

Reiki is defined as the technique through which the divine force is channeled toward the patient’s body in order to heal their suffering, be it physical, mental, or emotional. This definition has made many people think that in order to benefit from the positive effects of Reiki one must have a certain religion. Yet, this is as false as possible.

Reiki is not connected with any religion. You may not believe in anything or have your own God, but as long as you believe in positive things and have positive values, the Ki energy can help you with all your problems. The Ki means the universal power of life and it is a higher force, imperceptible to human senses. It governs the life of living creatures and it may take the form of whatever god you may want! If associating this spirit with your supreme deity helps you focus more and feel the vibrations of Ki, you can associate it with your God, but this is only a pretext, a means of attaining a more profound connection with Ki and it is not necessary in order to channel Ki through the human body (no matter if it is your body or somebody else’s).

Benefits of Reiki

Moreover, Reiki can be used even on those who do not believe in the benefits of this technique as it does not require any belief. The skepticism shown by people will not prevent the energy from releasing of negative energy and restoring the balance inside their body. In fact, the energy is only challenged by the practitioner until it reaches the inside of the human body, while afterward making its own way toward the affected areas. Also, because this procedure can be done at distance, there is no need for the patient to be touched and in some cases, the patient may not even know that such a procedure is done for them. Yet, they will feel it once the energy will heal their suffering and will strengthen their immune system.

Positive Healing Technique

Reiki can be learned by everyone, regardless of their religion or belief, as well as their background or social status. Reiki is a positive healing technique and will work for all those who ban negative thoughts from their minds.

Usui Reiki Healing Master