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What Are Rei and Ki

What Are Rei and Ki

Reiki is a healing technique that has gained many adepts lately. More and more people believe in the energy that can help them heal their bodies and their minds. Yet, in order to understand correctly what Reiki means, one must know the meaning of its two components Rei and Ki, the ones which give the name if the healing technique.


Rei can be translated as universal. Even though this is a quite superficial definition, this is the meaning attributed by most of the Reiki masters. The more profound meaning comes with exploring the Reiki technique. For many Rei is the highest consciousness, the God, the all-knowing wisdom who knows the cause of all human problems and tries to solve them using positive energy.

This is also the most accurate description of what Reiki patients experience when they undergo this type of session. There is a power that guides the energy through their bodies regardless of the actions the practitioner does. It is the all-knowing conscience that reaches the vulnerable point and tries to heal the mind and/or the soul in order for the patient to achieve a state of well-being.


Ki means energy and it is present both as non-physical energy that fuels life and helps the body function in the right way and as the energy of the thoughts, mind, and emotions experienced by the human soul. Each one of the living creatures is powered by Ki. When there is a low amount of Ki in the human body, there are more chances for that body to contract an illness or disease. On the other hand, when the body is balanced and there is enough Ki in the body, the chances of diseases or illnesses of any type are less likely to appear. When the humans die, the Ki gets out of the body and dissipates through the universe. Thus, this energy is running free around us and all we have to do to get our body in good order is to find someone capable of directing all that energy toward us.

Reiki can be of great help to all people, whether they have physical or emotional problems or they just want to prevent their apparition. Good energy can do positive things for each one of us!

Usui Reiki Healing Master