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Treating Yourself with Reiki

Treating Yourself with Reiki

Self-healing with Reiki has two main purposes: the first and the most obvious one is that of healing yourself of any condition, releasing your body of negative energy, and permitting the flow of positive energy to go through your body in a natural, normal way. The second purpose is that of preparing your body to reactive a greater power from the divine force.

The self-treatment using Reiki can only be performed by those students who have received their first attunement. This is preceded by profound meditation and learning of the Reiki principles. Once the student has received the first attunement, they will be ready to perform the Reiki procedures on themselves.

Body And Soul

Moreover, it is recommended that they regularly undergo this type of cleaning session, so that they will keep their body and soul in good function, thus preventing them from transmitting any type of negative energy to their patients. Self-treatment is similar in procedure to the healing techniques done to others. The practitioner places their hands on their body in key positions and channels the energy through them, guiding it through the entire body.

In self-treatment the hands can reach the body and can even rest on it, yet the hands must remain still as this is not massage therapy, but an energetic one. Also, in self-treatment, the practitioner can touch the genitals and the breast area. This is allowed only in self-treatment as it is highly important to maintain a limit of decency between the practitioner and the client and respect the latter’s intimacy.


As mentioned previously, self-treatment has the goal of preparing the practitioner for receiving more and more positive energy. This ability will help them cope better with the changes through which they have to go. This is why it is almost obligatory that the student will perform self-treatment on a regular basis after they receive their first attunement.

Self-treatment is one of the most important components of Reiki and it is imperative that the practitioner goes through this procedure regularly, so that they will be able to heal their body first before actually starting to heal the others.

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