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Reiki Succeeds Only Where There Are Positive Feelings

Reiki Succeeds Only Where There Are Positive Feelings

Reiki is the technique through which positive energy is channeled toward the human body. This channeling is only allowed to people who have received their attunement. Yet, there are certain criteria that need to be met in order for Reiki healing treatment to be successful and all can be summarized through the statement: live in harmony with the ones around you! This is the principle that must guide both the practitioner and the patient, as this is the basis of Reiki.

As mentioned previously, Reiki works only with positive energy, the vital energy which brings all things to life. This energy cannot be used to harm people, nor it can be used with any negative intentions as this vital energy flows through each of the living organisms from this universe.

Energetic Flow

Moreover, when there are negative feelings or thoughts inside one individual, they produce negative energy, which eventually leads to the disruption of the energetic flow. This is the time when the patient starts experiencing physical pain and what is commonly known as illnesses or diseases. This is mainly because the negative energy affects the body and no longer permits the positive energy to nourish that part of the body.

When the negative energy sets in, according to the Reiki philosophy there are two solutions: either give up the negative feelings which have triggered the physical or mental problem and replace them with positive thoughts, which is applicable only immediately after the negative energy has set in or started a Reiki healing treatment which will help the body heal and defeat negative thoughts. Reiki healing can only be done by a practitioner, a person who has received empowerment to do this type of healing.

Positive Feelings

In each of the cases, positive feelings are necessary in order for the healing to be complete. If anger, envy, hatred, or anxiety still lurk inside the individual’s soul, those will rapidly be mirrored in the body. Thus, the first step you have to take if you want to get rid of your illnesses or diseases, regardless of their type is to start thinking positively and let go of all the negative energy which has been accumulated inside of you!

Usui Reiki Healing Master