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Reiki Self Treatment – How It Can Help You Feel the Energy

Reiki Self Treatment – How It Can Help You Feel the Energy

Because Reiki is defined as a healing procedure, many people believe that it can only be employed to help others clean and heal, while the practitioner’s body is just a channel that transmits the energy. While this is partially true, because, through the practitioner’s body, the vital energy is directed towards the patient, there is also true that Reiki is primarily meant to help the practitioner heal himself and only afterward help others.

Reiki Master

The first level in becoming a Reiki master is meant at teaching students how to use the healing energy to free themselves of negative feelings. They are taught how to banish the anger they may experience and how to spot the parts of the body whose activity may be blocked because of the negative energy present inside the body. The reason for which this is the first level in teaching Reiki is that all Reiki practitioners must necessarily know how to treat and clean themselves before trying to heal others.

In addition to that, Reiki self-treatment is recommended on a regular basis starting with the first attunement. This way, the positive energy will prepare the future Reiki Master for the changes which are going to take place in their bodies. Because after the first attunement, the students are going to pass through a series of changes and the energy will start invading their bodies, the individual must be able to cope with the new feelings they are experimenting and this is what the self-treatment does.

Reiki Healing

Reiki cannot be performed accordingly by a practitioner who does not know how to effectively treat themselves. Thus, if you are thinking of learning the secrets of Reiki healing and start helping others, you will have to first learn how to heal yourself. This will not only give you a state of well-being, peace, and relaxation, but it will also help you feel a positive energy more acutely, which will help you guide it better towards the patient. So, if you have received your first attunement start your day with a Reiki cleansing and healing procedure which will give you the power to face the day in a positive manner.

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