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Reiki Cannot Be Used for Obscure Purposes or For Harming People

Reiki Cannot Be Used for Obscure Purposes or For Harming People

There is nowadays a visible tendency of hurting others. People look for direct or indirect ways to reach the highest social hierarchies and for that, they will do whatever it takes, even if this means they will have to step over the bodies of other people. Yet, there is still hope as there are healing procedures and techniques which can not e directed in any way against people or any other living creature. Reiki is the healing technique that not only balances the energy from the human body but also has positive principles which thoroughly respects.

Reiki can only be performed after the practitioner has cleaned himself/herself of all the body problems or any type of negative energy. This prevents them from transmitting any negative energy to the ones whom they are healing.

No Control Over The Energy Flow

In addition to that, the Reiki practitioner has no control over the energy flow once it has entered to individual’s body. While the energy can be guided to enter the body, from there on it will individuate the place where it is needed and go in that direction without the help of the practitioner. This energy is positive and it is guided by divinity, thus there is no way that it could ever be used for harming people or for any other negative purpose.

The body absorbs as much energy as it needs, so there is no need for the practitioner to stop the procedure if they feel that too much energy flows through the patient’s body. A healthy organ will not retain any energy, while a sick or damaged one will retain just as much as it needs to heal. Thus, the fear that too much energy introduced in the individual’s body can cause them harm is not based on solid ground!

Reiki Uses Positive Energy

If you are thinking of harming your peers with Reiki, then you should know that this is not possible. Reiki uses positive energy and can be sued only for healing people or helping them cope with their problems. Obscure or negative goals can not be pursued with the help of Reiki, moreover, they can be easily unraveled with this type of healing procedure.

Usui Reiki Healing Master