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Introduction to Reiki

Introduction to Reiki

Although most people have heard about Reiki, there is a lot of confusion as to what Reiki actually is, as well as some skepticism. In its essence, Reiki is the One and Only Universal Healing Energy available to all and helps to bring back harmony and balance to whatever has gone out of synch with the universe. Whatever ails you or troubles you in life, Reiki can start and speed up the healing process – whether it is mental, spiritual, or physical.

All living things – humans, animals, and plants – carry a ‘life force’ or spiritual energy within them. Reiki practitioners can harness this energy and channel it into living things, energizing them and bringing about positive changes and harmony in their lives.

Attunement By A Reiki Master

It is a common misconception that in order to learn Reiki, one needs to go through a process of attunement by a Reiki Master; this is simply not true and is just a way for these so-called Reiki Masters to make money. Anyone can learn and become highly proficient in Reiki, and it doesn’t matter whether you learn it from a Reiki Master or from books and manuals. In addition, you do not need any special skills or ‘inborn’ talents to become skilled at Reiki; actually, many people find that Reiki techniques are surprisingly simple. Most techniques involve hand placing and are called palm healing techniques.

There is no limit to how much energy you can harness and channel, as nature is bursting with such energy. Moreover, what’s so great about Reiki is that you do not need to know what is wrong with the person (or yourself) you are treating. As Reiki works to bring back balance and harmony to what has gone awry, the energy you channel to someone will automatically go to the area which needs it most. This is one great advantage that Reiki has over conventional medicine – the latter requires exact and precise diagnosis to be effective, while the former does not and one simply needs to know how to channel the energy from the universe to the target person.

So what is Reiki effective for? Practically anything! Unless your life is perfect, you will find great benefits from Reiki. You can use Reiki to rid yourself of migraines, and a persistent cold, speed up the healing of injuries and wounds, enhance recovery after procedures such as surgeries, and even slow down the aging process. People also use Reiki to free themselves from chronic fatigue, to energize themselves in the morning, or to prime their bodies for a sport or exercise session. Reiki is not limited to physical benefits though. It is extremely powerful for psychological and mental troubles such as depression, low self-esteem and low self-confidence, and mood. It can also empower the individual to heal a broken bond or relationship and will help you to become a better person.

Tap Into Reiki

This is basically what Reiki is all about – it brings out the best in ordinary people who are willing to make a successful change in their lives and it attracts positive things and circumstances into their life. It is a form of intelligent, curative, and natural energy that restores your vitality and mental and physical balance. When you tap into Reiki, it will seem as if the universe is actively working to make your life better! And you can achieve all this by learning simple techniques of hand laying and deep breathing, as thought extremely well in Usui Reiki Healing Master, to channel energy to whoever you desire.

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