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How Should You Act During the Treatment Session

How Should You Act During the Treatment Session

During a Reiki session, two people are involved: the practitioners and the patient. The way in which the two activities during the Reiki session are highly important for the results. Each one of the two parts has its share of responsibility during the process. This is why there are going to be two sessions in this article, one for each of the two parts.


The main requirement for the practitioner is that of respecting the client’s right to intimacy. This means that they should ask before the session whether the client likes to be touched or not. If the client would rather not be touched, then the practitioner should keep their hands above the body and channel the energy without touching the client. Also, it is highly important for the practitioner to know that including the genital areas in the Reiki treatment is something which can be done only in self-treatment, when the person to be treated is their partner or when the patient has a severe problem in that area, in this latter case only after the patient has agreed to be touched on that area.

If the patient allows being touched, no rubbing, massage, or any type of pressure is permitted during the session. Also, the patient does not need to take off any of their clothes and must necessarily be seated.


The main requirement for the patient is of standing still as this is the only way through which effective channeling can be done. Also, the patient must respect their practitioner and believe in their channeling powers. This is part of the Reiki belief which states that you must nurture positive feelings for the ones around you. Moreover, in order for the session to be successful the patient must banish any negative thoughts from their mind and leave positive energy to do their job.

The patient should remain silent during the session. Even though Reiki sessions can also be done with people talking, in most cases the practitioner may get distracted and lose their focus. This can lead to unsuccessful channeling.

Both patient and practitioner should respect each other, maintain an amiable climate between them and keep silent for an hour or more (during the Reiki session). Afterward, the practitioner may ask for remarks, comments, or feedback.

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