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How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Each Reiki Session?

How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Each Reiki Session?

Reiki is one of the few non-invasive healing techniques which do not require ingesting any medicine or herbs, does not require believing in certain gods, and does not even require that you believe in it. Because it works with the vital energy that is present in all people, it is no way in which it can harm people. Thus, if you receive too much or too little energy your body will not be affected in a negative way.

Anyone can undergo Reiki sessions, as they are not only meant to heal but can also be used to keep the body in good shape and prevent negative energy from affecting it. Also, because it does not require any type of medicine, any pressure, or any pain, this procedure can be undergone by all people, including pregnant women, children, and babies without affecting their development in any way. Through their bodies flows positive energy too, so there is no reason why they should not be subjected to this type of healing session.

The duration of a normal Reiki session is of about an hour, a time in which the patient is wearing their normal clothes, they are lying on a couch or bed in a horizontal position and the practitioner is channeling the energy through them using their hands. There are Reiki sessions that can last more than an hour. These are the cases in which the patient has a severe imbalance of energy and it needs more energy to make their body function normally again.

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Most of the sessions need to be repeated as there are times when only one Reiki session will not be enough to treat all the illnesses from which the patient is suffering. If the condition is not bad, the patient is recommended to return for another one-hour Reiki session in order to prevent the apparition of the same condition or of another condition due to the same imbalance. Moreover, it is advisable that one should undergo Reiki sessions regularly as they are highly beneficial for the entire body. They promote relaxation and fight stress and negative energies which can cause diseases. So, if you know a Reiki Master you should dedicate an hour of your week for taking proper care of your body!

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