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Discover Your Inner Healer with Reiki

Discover Your Inner Healer with Reiki

Nowadays most people turn to medicine for solving their problems. From the banal headache to the most complicated cases of chronic diseases, all can be solved with a handful of pills. Yet, in most cases these pills undermine the body’s power to heal and cause several other problems, thus inhibiting the normal function of the body. A solution to that would be restoring the body’s ability to heal itself by improving the energy flow through Reiki procedures.

Reiki is a non-invasive procedure that has its main goal of restoring the energetic balance from inside the body. Using a practitioner as the channel and the guiding person, vital energy is introduced inside the body. From there the energy, guided by the Supreme Intelligence, reaches the part which needs help in healing and supplies it with the necessary power or energy to start healing itself.

Universal Vital Energy

All living creatures have this universal, vital energy, which is positive by its nature because it comes from the supreme force. The imbalance appears when negative thoughts and feelings are let inside the body. These prevent the normal flow of positive energy, thus leading to illnesses or diseases of different types. What Reiki does, through the practitioner, is to reestablish this balance and improve the body’s ability to fight negative energy. Unlike other types of healing, Reiki does not introduce any other substances stranger to your body but simply supplies the body with more of the positive energy it already comprises. Thus, the body will heal naturally and no foreign substances will be introduced inside the body.

There are two ways in which Reiki can be used: either as a full therapy or as a complementary therapy indicated in post-surgery or post-trauma cases. Thus, if you are on treatment right now, you can still follow it and start a Reiki treatment. The flow of positive energy will make your body recover faster and at the same time will give you a state of well-being and optimism that will help you pass much easier through the momentary hardships and will give you the strength to move on regardless of what is waiting for you ahead!

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