The Mentally Impaired

The Mentally Impaired

The mentally impaired are struggling every day to survive a game of cat and mouse. Scientists are constantly coming up with new answers, which they believe are helpful to treat many mental illnesses. Scientists are also battling amongst themselves one believing this and the other believing that…is it any wonder mentally impaired is on the rise? At one point, we all felt like the whole damn world has gone mad. At one point in our life, we all lost control and acted out on our emotions and feelings. There are few people on the planet that can say they never felt crazy at one time in their life. So, what separates us from the mentally impaired?

The world is a crazy place to live, and we all endure crazy moments in our life. If you believe that you have not shared a moment of madness with a mentally ill person, then you are misleading yourself. In this article, we are going to look closely at the mind of a mentally impaired individual. Mentally impaired individuals often examine the world differently from most people. They may feel that the world is tumbling down on them. They may also feel that the world is out to get them. In one way, they are not wrong. The world is tumbling down in a sense. When we think of the wars around us, the terrorist attacks, the cost of living increases, and so forth, how is it that the world is stable? If we look at the terrorist attacks, an increase in law rules and regulations, political letdowns, and so on, how is it that the people of the world are not out to make our lives difficult?

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Evaluating Patients

Evaluating patients is never an easy task simply because sorting through their beliefs, way of thinking, and words they stress we must look at all angles carefully. Some patients suffer panic attacks, anxiety interruptions, mood swings, suspicion, illusions, delusions, hallucinations, and so on. Where are they coming from? How does one person endure voices in their head while another person struggles with the voices outside of their head? When paranoid schizophrenia tells you that he or she suspects that the CIA/KGB is out to get them, do we really know where this came from? Let us look closer inside the mind of paranoid schizophrenia that often believes the CIA/KGB people that are busy in the bigger world hunting him or her. Have you ever done something wrong, whether it was illegal or not, and got away with it?

If you have what did you feel? You probably felt guilt, remorse, shame, and other related feelings. If you did not then you might want to get your head checked. You may even go through short spans of paranoia. This is common when a person is wrong. Now we can see that paranoid schizophrenia probably did something wrong in his or her lifetime and got away with it. We can also see that the person unlike the majority of us that can deal with it, the patient allows the paranoia to take over completely. Most likely, paranoid schizophrenia was taught wrong or listened to ideas that lead him to believe the way they think and feel. They often lack communication skills and are often misinformed.

Now if a person is in the constant belief of what he or she learned, thought, felt, and so on, it merely means that the mind is scrambled like eggs and the shells are shattered. We also must look at the fact that the Twin in a paranoid schizophrenia brain is abnormal in most cases. We must also look into the background and heredity of the person since in most cases there is definitely history. One example clarified this when paranoid schizophrenia was studied closely. It was found that the mother had interruptive behaviors, including violent outbursts, unstable thinking, invalid beliefs, and so on. Many times when we look back at the history of the patient, we can see there is a pattern in the making. What separates us, is that we are all individuals distinct from each other, and we all have a history of mental illness somewhere down the chain.

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