Mental Health and Schizophrenia

Mental Health and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has plagued our systems for many years. Today, mental health experts are finding more cases of schizophrenia than they counted in the past. Schizophrenia is nothing to play with, and anyone ignoring this diagnosis is only throwing fuel to the fire. Schizophrenia has several levels of diagnostic symptoms, yet anyone with schizophrenia should be treated IMMEDIATELY. If you know anyone with symptoms including Paranoid, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Vices, and so on, contact a professional RIGHT NOW! Do not wait, since the more schizophrenia develops the more others, including the patient are at risk of danger. I am a survivor of a father that suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia, and anyone around these people is subject to danger, pain, suffering, misery, and more. Not only does this type of patient suffer, anyone around them will undergo tremendous pain and suffering.

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Common words that schizophrenia relates to others are, “They are coming to get me,” or They tell you that the CIA/KGB is out to get them. Hallucinations affect the sensory in the sense it conveys messages or else nerve impulses to the sense organs and single the message to the nerve centers, thus creating a suspicious force. Therefore, the patient is often suspicious of everything that is near him, including objects, people, places, things, and so forth.

Once the suspicion sets in, (if they do not drive you crazy by this time) they may act out violently believing they are defending. Next to psychopathics or sociopaths, schizophrenics are nothing to take lightly. Since the TWIN area of the brain is affected, and the mind is broken off from reality most times, it is important to treat these patients immediately. Medication, in this case, is needed to prevent episodes of schizophrenia. Schizophrenics often hallucinate when they observe things around them, perceive sounds that affect or trigger their symptoms, smell orders, taste, and even sense or feel things around them.

Researchers for years have been astounded by this diagnosis, and are struggling constantly to find answers to the many questions regarding schizophrenia. I won’t go into great detail, but in some cases when schizophrenics are saying they are coming to get me, we might need to step back and evaluate this common saying more closely. Hallucinations are similar to or the same as psychotic breaks since the patient often loses contact with reality. The voices often tell them (dangers alert), which is often untrue. One example of a Paranoid Schizophrenia episode can be seen with the Oklahoma Bomber. If you notice anyone around you that laughs for no apparent reason, shouts at the air, constantly mutters during periodicals, covers their ears, and so on, this person may be a victim of schizophrenia. Most patients with schizophrenia are often suffering by the age of 13 and up, and most times a patient is not treated until later in life, simply because professionals play around with debate.

This is because certain symptoms of schizophrenia are found in other types of disorders as well. The downside is when schizophrenia is not treated early they often break off into paranoid mode and this is when the diagnosis is at its most dangerous stage. Schizophrenics often reason with their voices. If they begin hearing the voices in their head, (Schizophrenias have voices within the mind) the patient may claim the voices are from God, Satan, or even an alien. The visual perspective of schizophrenia breaks is slightly similar to the voices. Often schizophrenics believe that are sensing or seeing others around them talking when they are not. They may tell you that the KGB or the CIA came to the door when the delivery man dropped off a package. Many professionals today are claiming that mania or depression has symptoms similar to schizophrenia.

Voices are an example that professionals are claiming affects depressed or bipolar patients. I second-guess them since I’ve been around schizophrenia, depressed individuals as well as bipolar patients, and from experience, I believe that the latter is suffering through thought-processing patterns that are misunderstood as voices. Anyone with depression, bipolar, or mania often suffers suicidal tendencies, which is not common in schizophrenia. Schizophrenics would much rather kill than die, although there have been few cases reported of suicidal behaviors.

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