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Behind the Walls of the Mind

Behind the Walls

Behind the walls of the mind stands a very complex issue that is in constant study. We have people of all sorts, including the mentally ill, so-called normal minds, geniuses, and so forth. The mind has been known to play tricks on us, let us down, skip to another level, and so forth. It seems with the battle between the brain and self there is never a winning ticket. The truth is the mind holds the key to all areas of your body, but the central nervous system is the channel to the brain.

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In most instances, if the brain is affected is a direct result of the central nervous system and spinal column. If the spinal column is out of line or injured then it will affect the nervous system, which works its way toward the brain. Once the brain is hit, the troubles begin and often do not quit until someone finds out the source of the problem. There are many people today suffering from head injuries, disorders, cognitive disorders, diseases of the mind, and so on. The problems increase as the years go by. In my research, studies, case studies, and so forth I found that people that visited Chiropractors were often healthier than those that did not. When a doctor focuses on the spine, which is a direct link to the brain, results often occur.

Searching For Solutions

Scientists are often searching for solutions to understand the different mental illnesses, diseases, and physical impairments. They often run in every direction and sometimes the answer is lying in front of them. The problem is everyone has opinions, theories, and guesses and many of them are ignoring the voices that call out with expertise and experience. Recently there were major controversial issues regarding Medicaid and Chiropractor services. For a short time, Chiropractors were not qualified to take Medicaid Patients, yet many doctors have treated some of the same people and found no answer to fix the many problems. While most people believe that Chiropractors work only with the physical portion of the body, they fail to see that these experts also work with the minds every day. Let’s examine ADHD/ADD patients.

In most instances, a part of the nervous system, spine, and brain is the leading cause of the symptoms of this diagnosis. Most mental health experts will offer the patients drugs, which only cover the symptoms and are often causing other problems including, psychosis, and schizophrenia symptoms. The MIND…Now if these people were treating the mind without drugs, and using natural herbs and spinal practices, what would happen? First, there would be no schizophrenia and psychosis-induced patients or at least it would be minimal. Let’s look at Bipolar. The patient is often suffering as a direct result of Chemical Imbalances and most mental health experts will place the patient on antidepressants, which leads to strokes, heart problems, early-induced changes in life, and so forth. If a specialist that knows the spine, nervous system, and brain treated the patients, what would happen? I personally know a woman diagnosed with Bipolar and she has sought out Chiropractic support and is doing great overall, with the exception of her bad habits that she has illustrated for more than 20 years.

On the other hand, I know another bipolar patient that had no Chiropractic services and she is a woman you want to stay clear of. She called me 18 times per day, threatened to commit suicide, and drove me absolutely nuts. I am still in recovery. Personally, I went to psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and doctors complaining of symptoms that they thought were linked to mental illness. After visiting a Chiropractor, the symptoms decreased and I was able to cope. Now, I am not promoting anything here, but to understand the mind you must consider the spine, central nervous system, brain, and many other factors before coming to any conclusions. Some counselors will diagnose you as soon as you walk in the door; this is a bad deal since many often play against life in order to find an answer. Once the professional sees that their diagnosis is off-balance, they often move on to another diagnosis, and unfortunately, this goes on and on, and too many times patients suffer at great lengths as a result.

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