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Forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement

Trying to quit smoking may almost seem like you are walking into a burning fire. It certainly is not simple, and with the attitudes that many people have, you are looking at a lot of complicated issues trying to ensure that you get started on the right foot to quit successfully. To help avoid many of the complicated side effects that you could experience you have the option of looking into nicotine replacement treatments. These typically come in two different forms and the type that is best for you is something that you will need to decide. It is a good idea to consider both options though because they both have their benefits and ultimately you just want to quit smoking for good.

The first is the traditional nicotine gum. This comes in a variety of flavors as well as dosage amounts. This is almost always suited for those smokers who find it extremely comforting to do something with their mouth whenever they have the urge to smoke. By actively chewing the gum, you are getting a small dosage of nicotine whenever you have an urge, plus you are able to keep your mouth occupied. This can also be used in connection with cutting back your smoking without causing any bad complications.

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Use The Gum

It is important to realize that you can control how often you need to use the gum. If you are typically a one-pack-a-day smoker and are trying to cut out half of the cigarettes each day you may only need to use the gum 5 times one day and 7 times the next. You have this flexibility because you can use it only as you actually need it. This type of flexibility is great for those who are trying to go slowly in their quest to quit, as well as those who like to keep their mouth occupied as the urge to smoke comes. In addition, the range of flavors makes it easy to find something that almost anyone will enjoy.

The second option to consider is the traditional nicotine patch. These are typically distributed in dosages and are applied in the mornings and worn all day. By doing this, you are able to absorb small amounts of nicotine all day long. This is great for those who are attempting to quit cold turkey; however, you cannot smoke or use nicotine gum anytime you have a severe urge to smoke. This limitation forces smokers to look for alternative ways to help curb any additional urges that appear. Additionally, because the patch is applied every morning, and removed at night, it can severely limit the flexibility to slowly decrease nicotine consumption.

The patch is available in a range of dosages though, which can allow you to slowly step down, but in general, you have more flexibility to adjust the range of nicotine in your body with the gum since each piece contains only a small amount of nicotine. If you would rather do just a single thing to help you curb nicotine addiction you may find that the patch is your best friend. Smokers who have extremely busy lifestyles often find them quite effective. It is extremely important to ensure you start with the appropriate patch to start with though. Many smokers make the mistake of selecting the wrong dosage, which can actually heighten the addiction to nicotine, rather than help to decrease it.

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