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How to Open a Youth Activities Center

How to Open a Youth Activities Center

Perhaps it is the dream of every community to put up a youth activities center for their teens. A lot of youths are now into some things that older people call ‘dark activities’. Just by looking at a teenager, you can immediately tell if he/she is troubled. Teens who are too obsessed with youth-related fashions, drugs, alcohol, rock music, etc. are wrecking their lives, one way or another. If community leaders want to provide the youth with more constructive and healthy activities, a youth activities center may be the answer.

So, how can a community open a youth activities center? First and foremost, the community should come up with a plan. The community leaders should be able to identify the right location for the activities center. Most communities are not able to put up an activities center due to budgetary constraints. Local government support is very important. The community leaders should consider asking for help from the local government to fund their plans for putting up a youth activities center.

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Once the area is secured, the building facility should be constructed. If the community leaders are able to solicit funds, construction is not a problem. After the center is finished, the staff should be hired. The community can even get volunteer services from the parents because the center is just for their teens. With the community and the parents helping one another, the youth activities center will be finished soon.

After everything has been organized, the various services of the center should be determined. Some of the things that the activities center can offer are counseling services, social activities, homework assistance, and a lot more. The center should be open to all the youths of the community who are willing to join. Other centers usually set an age limit, specifically 11 to 17 years old. Your center can also set age requirements although 11-17 is fine and this is usually the adolescent years.

Youth Activities Center

The youth activities center should secure the necessary operating permits so that the center can operate smoothly and for it is considered a legal facility. The center should set office hours when the office staffs are available. Make sure that the center has a telephone number, fax number, online site, and email address.

Since the youth activities center requires maintenance and has expenditures, the youth members should pay a one-time membership fee. Once they are a member, the youths can take part in various youth activities like teen chat, counseling, homework assistance, music, video games, field trips, special events, movie nights, volunteer community programs, job training, crafts, arts, and sports (basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, etc).

The youth activities center should have youth leaders before it starts the full operation. The youth leaders will be responsible for the member youths. Leadership training should also be conducted so that when the time comes for the existing youth leaders to leave there will be new leaders to guide the group.

So there, now you know the different things that you have to take care of if you want to put up a youth activities center. It involves a lot of money, time, effort, and dedication. The community, parents and the local government should join hands in order to make this plan a reality.

If a youth activities center is put up in a community, all the youths will be provided with an excellent facility where they can have all the fun.

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