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Ten Principles of Yang Style Tai Chi

Head Straightening

Do this by holding the neck and head at an erect position, naturally, together with the mind while concentrating on the top. Brush away the feeling of being tensed or else the needed vital energy and blood will not circulate properly.

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Back and Chest Position

To correctly position the back and chest, you must feel that air properly “coming in”. The chest must be inward, slightly, so that you are can sink to the lower belly through breathing. Avoid chest protrusion for it will make you feel uneasy and breathing will be heavy. The vital energy that is derived from your lower belly can launch massive force.

Waist Relaxation

The most dominant part of the body is the waist part. The moment you relax your waist, your stance will be strong, forming a base that is firm. All movements are made depending on the reaction of the person’s waist.

Stances: Empty and Solid

Primarily, it is quite important to distinguish the difference between empty and solid. It all depends on the shifting of energy in both feet. The moment you put the weight of your body on your left leg, it will become solid and the right leg will become empty. On the other hand, if you shift your weight on the right leg, it will be the one that becomes solid and the left leg is empty. Recognizing these tactics will enable the person to move and turn the body without any stress and additional effort. Otherwise, clumsiness and slow movements will arise thus making you unstable to stand firm.

Elbows and Shoulders Sinking

Always keep your shoulders in a relaxed, natural position because the moment you lift it, the energy (Qi) will go up with it thus leaving the whole body in a strength-less state. Maintain your elbows down so as to keep your shoulders in a relaxed state and make your body move with ease.

Use the Mind and Not the Force

Upon practicing Tai Chi Chuan, it is expected that the body is relaxed. And it is also expected that the mind is the one that tackles all aspects of the human being. There is no presence of clumsiness or stiffness in the joints and veins that will hinder the body’s movement.


There is but one theory that supports the elements of Tai Chi. It will start at the roots which are the feet, launching the force to the legs, controlling the waist, and elevating through the arms that are expressed by the hands and fingers. Therefore, the feet, legs, and waist must communicate well to pass the energy in a harmonious manner.

Internal and External Harmony

Tai Chi Chuan lets the mind be the commander of the entire body. Let it be the one to direct orders and let the body follow. If the mind is in a tranquil state, the body observes it by producing graceful and soft movements.


Practicing Tai Chi Chuan requires an upbeat continuity. It must never be lost. The mind must always assert attention and movements from the beginning till the very end.


Tai Chi Chuan is always based on peacefulness. In every performance, there must be strict tranquility in order for the mind to interact effectively with the entire system of the body. Tranquility can make the movements slower and more precise and make the body move smoother without stiffness and pain.

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