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Tai Chi Push Hands A Two-man Battle

Tai Chi Push Hands: A Two-man Battle

When you came to know Tai Chi, somehow, you didn’t think of the other things and methods that it has to offer. Most often, people who are familiar with Tai Chi get to be introduced to Push Hands further in the program. Some Tai Chi schools will start on the very basic one-man show and then advance to Push Hands the moment they are already familiar and adapt to all techniques in Tai Chi

There is a need to discover and feel another’s energy through exercise. That is why Tai Chi Push Hands were taught. It is somewhat similar to sparring but without the hurting-each-other sort of bit. No punching, no kicking. It is a sport made so gentle wherein your only goal as a team player is to upset your opponent’s balance in the smoothest possible way.

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First, participants will find a partner of their own with whom they can share their talents with. The one beside you would be perfect. Bow at each other before you begin, just to show respect. Once the exercise begins, every participant’s outside hand must be placed on his or her opponent’s elbow while the inside hand is placed on the wrist. On cue, the match begins as the pair uses both their hands to push each other.


As one is pushing the other, they will have to concentrate deeply for them to be able to control each other’s energy. Shoving, in any manner, is prohibited and is not advised during exercises. The one who will win the match is the one who had been able to overcome his or her opponent’s energy and make the opponent stumble to the ground or lose his balance. Remember, this is not an exercise of a brute but an exercise of skill.

Students recognize the importance of Tai Chi in Push Hands because it complements the forms and meditations. If the task is performed in the correct way, every detail of Tai Chi can be reflected by means of the principles of yin and yang. Once Tai Chi is applied against an opponent, it instructs a different kind of balance, one that can’t be learned in any way. Push Hands participants are taught that using such minimum energy is more advisable because if excessive energy is used, it will be exploited by the opponent.

An attack is always aimed at the center of the human body. Diverting the attack is possible through circular movements. The body must always remain relaxed because if the body is stiff or tense, it will influence the center at any point. But if the person kept his or her body relaxed, the energy can be diverted or dissipated. At this point, reaction and awareness triumph over aggression and force.

Push Hands aren’t used only for exercise purposes but also as a sort of competitive agreement. Chinese Martial Art now asserted Push Hands in competitions and is featured in tournaments. Match formats are always available. It is often accompanied by strict rules regarding the flow of the game and how every combat must proceed.

Practically, a person aiming to join in such a competition will have a different emphasis on the moves and styles. Unlike a student who is just practicing Push Hands because it is part of their Tai Chi program.

Someone who is in the competition must have a certain level of strength and speed and must also be equipped with the knowledge of every movement to assert the format of the opponent.

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