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Love, Relationships and Feng Shui

Love, Relationships, and Feng Shui

If you think that Feng Shui is only good for your home or your office, think again. This can also be used for love and relationships. Here are some tips you should know.

Seven Chakra Tree of Life, Crystal Tree for
Positive Energy – Feng Shui Tree

Married Couples

If you are married or in a relationship, hang pictures of you together with your mate.

For married couples, place a pair of objects in the far right corner of the bedroom otherwise known as the southwest corner. A few good examples are a pair of Mandarin ducks or cranes as these are symbols of marital bliss. Another is a heart-shaped figurine made from pink quartz crystal.

You surely have mirrors in the bedroom. If they are facing the bed, relocate them because it reflects the couple on the bed. Some believe that this will cause a failure in the relationship because of the entry of a third party. Believe it or not, televisions are just as negative as mirrors do to get rid of them.

As for the bed, make sure that this is not in direct line with the door. This is because the dead take you your feet first. It should also be accessible from three sides as this will allow you to keep your partner.

You should always treat yourselves to fresh flowers and once they wilt, replace them. Never put these in the southwest corner of the room as this will clash with the element of romance, namely earth.

If there are any abstract, dark, or sad artworks in the bedroom, take them out. These things encourage negativity when this room should be peaceful and safe for those who sleep there. You can replace it with a painting of Peonies, love birds, or silk flowers as these represent love.

You must never work out in the bedroom because this represents hard work that is often a hindrance to a romantic space.

Should the bedroom doors squeak, fix it because it blocks romantic energy from entering the bedroom.

For those who have toilets and unfortunately, this is located on the southwest corner of the room, don’t worry because you can fix it by hanging a five-rod wind chime.

The bedroom should be well-ventilated so old energy moves out of the room.

It will also be a good idea to buy yourselves a gift as this symbolizes your relationship. Put this in a prominent place in the room or the home so you are able to remember your partner.

But what if you are still single? Well, Feng Shui may also work for you. You do this by making a wish list of what qualities you want in an ideal partner and also the ideal relationship. These are two different things and when you write it, be specific. It may not happen today or tomorrow but one day, your ideal partner will show up and you can have your dream come true.

Feng Shui can help you keep the love alive in your relationship by blocking out negative things and then embracing those that are positive. This may mean relying more on Yin which symbolizes femininity more than Yang which is masculinity but it is all good as this causes a healthy balance with the opposite sex.


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