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Wellness of the Spirit

Wellness of the Spirit

Wellness of the spirit refers to our ability to cope with the everyday stresses and strains of living our life.  Quite often, the ability to cope overwhelms us, and if we don’t give sufficient time to the wellness of the spirit, or soul, we lose our ability to function properly.

Today, the evidence of that inability exists in the form of anxiety attacks.  The attacks can range from extremely mild to unbelievably severe.  What is happening to us when we experience anxiety attacks?  Our system goes into a form of shock.  I refer to it as a sort of “soul shock”; nothing is physically wrong that should cause us to become ill, and nothing is wrong mentally that should cause us to experience panic; it is within our spirit that we have lost control.

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Loss Of Control

This loss of control can be momentary, or it can last for years.  The most debilitating part of the process is the inability to function even in the most usual of routines.  Short trips to the grocery store become impossible, because of the panic they create within the person. 

Having experienced these panic attacks for a brief period of time, I can attest to their reality.  It is a frightening event that only serves to add to the panic.  The person experiencing these attacks feels as if they have lost control over their ability to function.  They cannot meet deadlines; they aren’t able to provide for their family, there are a host of reasons that cause us to come to the place of loss of control.

I believe the hectic pace of life in this 21st century only serves to enhance the need to give our spirit, our soul, and our inner voice a chance to be heard.  We drown out any opportunity to connect with ourselves during our day because we schedule everything, multi-task everything, and leave no downtime for a conversation with ourselves.  It’s impossible to listen to your inner needs if you’re talking on the phone, listening to the radio, or interacting with your children. 

At the same time, this era has taken from us any chance to meet our spiritual needs, it has also provided more opportunities for planned downtime.  We have audio, video, and even massage clinics that offer us the chance to slow down and connect with our inner-self. Never before has there been so much available to help us help ourselves.  What is the hold-up?  The biggest detriment is our lack of discipline and devotion to our health and well-being.  What we tend to forget during this age of super-human feats, is that the only way to sustain the super-human person is to keep that person, all aspects of that person, well.

Wellness comes through concentrated effort, discipline, and devotion, to our body, mind, and soul.  The wellness of our spirit or soul affects all other parts of our person, as evidenced by the presence of panic attacks, mental breakdowns, and the inability to cope.  The need to attend to our wellness needs should be added to our daily “to-do” list so that we schedule enough time for ourselves!

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