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Benefits of Well

The Benefits of Being Well

Wellness of the body occurs when all the body processes, physical and mental are functioning at peak levels. What does it take to achieve complete body wellness? It requires more than simply taking a trip to the gym or a walk in the park.

            The many benefits of well make our lives more enriched and easier to live. We are able to reap the benefits of well-thought-out plans of diet and exercise many years into our life, just because we have taken the time to remain well and fit. 

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Your wellness is dependent upon your immune system, and one of the real benefits of a healthy, well-immune system is the prolonging of the onset of many age-related diseases.  Conditions such as macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s, strokes, heart attacks, and overall feelings of good health depend upon a healthy immune system.

Age Of Retirement

            Our ability to continue in a normal routine many years past the accepted age of retirement is a benefit of keeping ourselves well.  For too many older people, their work becomes a genuine source of enjoyment.  Work no longer appears as the thief of our free time, it becomes an old friend that we are accustomed to visiting with.  It can become a reason to continue to get up and go about our day.  Either way, our ability to continue participating is a direct benefit of our state of wellness and continued good health.

            The mental capacity for continued learning, teaching, and experiencing is a direct result of our efforts to keep ourselves mentally well and fit for the opportunities and activities that present themselves over the course of our life.  Mental sharpness comes from the continued use of the mind to learn, communicate and think.  The benefit of retaining those resources is felt even longer than the benefit of physical wellness.

What about the physical benefits of continued wellness?  The peace of mind that comes from knowing your body is in top shape, ready to deal with whatever comes along, is a priceless possession.  To be able to ascertain that you’ve spent your day wisely, and invested in yourself is a real accomplishment.  The benefit seen from adding just 20 minutes of exercise to your daily routine is unbelievable.  I can attest to the tremendous increase in energy, as a participant in walking for exercise.  I lost a total of 74 lbs. in one year, by simply adding walking to my routine.  I had been dieting for almost two months, with very little in the way of results.  Walking was suggested by my physician, and I’ve never been so impressed.  My energy levels were three times what they were prior to beginning the exercise program.  Increased energy levels are one of the greatest benefits of a well and fit body. If we use our resources wisely and educate ourselves about the things our body needs to maintain wellness, over the course of our life, it isn’t a difficult thing to attain. The benefits of continued wellness are reaped will into our later years.  Look at it as an investment you make, not of dollars and cents, but of time and education.  The return on your investment is as yet unmatched by any prescription available.

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