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Benefits of Fit

The Benefits of Being Fit

Being able to deal with and handle the daily stresses of life is a benefit afforded to the fit person.  Make sure we take the time to accommodate our needs for stress relief, such as downtime, therapy time, massage time, or simply take the time for a nice, hot bath.  The body tends to retain stress in the muscles of the shoulder and back.  Taking the time to relax, do relaxation exercises, and combine this with physical exercise for the entire body benefits the fit and unfit.

Total Body Challenge!

The added exertion of physical exercise is often the catalyst our bodies needed to boost weight loss into high gear.  For the individual trying to lose weight, the benefits of being fit far exceed an infringement on personal time or detraction from television time that occurs.  Not only is it good for your body, when you’re trying to cut back, but it also gives you something constructive to do with your time.  Exercise also decreases our hunger pangs, increases our fluid intake, and helps our blood to circulate much better.

Peace Of Mind

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your body is in top shape, ready to deal with whatever comes along, is a priceless possession.  To be able to ascertain that you’ve spent your day wisely, and invested in yourself is a real accomplishment.  The benefit seen from adding just 20 minutes of exercise to your daily routine is unbelievable.  I can attest to the tremendous increase in energy, as a participant in walking for exercise.  I lost a total of 74 lbs. in one year, by simply adding walking to my routine.  I had been dieting for almost two months, with very little in the way of results.  Walking was suggested by my physician, and I’ve never been so impressed.  My energy levels were three times what they were prior to beginning the exercise program.  Increased energy levels are one of the greatest benefits of a fit body.

Raised self-esteem and confidence in your appearance are also benefits of keeping a fit body.  Fit and healthy individual shines in how they look, how they treat others, and the pleasure they take in going about their daily activities. 

How about the benefits of a fit mind?  The onset of many age-related mental disorders occurs because we haven’t taken the time to keep our minds youthful, and involved in new learning.  Learning new things forces our minds to form new neural pathways.  We need those neural pathways for the transmission of information from the body to the mind or for our ability to form new memories.  If we don’t exercise the mind, we lose fitness.   There’s also the added benefit of being able to participate as a productive citizen, well into our retirement years.  For many older citizens, keeping their bodies and minds fit means that they are also able to continue to interact in their chosen work profession, keeping them continually active, and serving as a continued source of enjoyment.

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