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Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight Lifting Equipment

There are different kinds of weight-lifting equipment available in the market. However, it is sometimes better to start with free weights such as dumbbells and barbells before lifting heavy weights. Weightlifting materials are classified into two different forms free weights and machines. Free weights are lightweight lifting equipment, normally used to pump muscle.

There are various kinds of free weight equipment available for different parts of the body such as dumbbells, barbells, tricep bars, EZ curl bars, Weight Plates, benches, hyperextension benches, preacher benches, arm blasters, abdominal benches, stability balls (swiss ball), dipping bars, chin-up bar, and racks.

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Dumbell appears like a short size of barbell it is commonly used for pumping the bicep, Dumbell comes in different sizes and weights normally dumbbell is fifteen inches, and the weight of the dumbbell starts from five lbs and goes on increasing according to the requirement. Another commonly used piece of equipment is a barbell, which is used to do different exercises for the shoulder and other body parts.

The second category of weight lifting equipment is machines thus, with the help of a machine weight lifter can do various lifting without a spotter which is not possible with free weights when you start to go above a certain weight. Machines are commonly preferred because of their fact of being very safe to use.

There are all kinds of different and sophisticated machines, Leg Press Machine, Hack Squat Machine, Leg Extension Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Calf Machines, Leg Adduction / Abduction Machine, Lat Pull Down Machine, Cables, Pulleys, and Pec Deck Machine all these types are necessary for a professional weight lifter to hit all the different muscle groups.

There are certain accessories for weight lifting, that can help such as gloves, straps, and elbow sleeves.

Online shopping has become so easy, that if you’re thinking of buying any weight-lifting equipment for home use. It’s quick and easy to do research and find the right equipment for what you need.

The important thing that should be noted when buying online, is checking reviews from other customers. For not just the quality but also the service and refund policy.

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