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Little Secrets Vegetarians Know

Little Secrets Vegetarians Know

Most people who don’t know anything about the vegetarian lifestyle think that it must be pure drudgery being a vegetarian and giving up meat.  That is a misconception because even though meat is not part of a vegetarian diet, it isn’t about what you are going without, it is what is in your diet and in your life that makes a vegetarian lifestyle work so well.  If you actually interviewed a vegetarian, the last thing they would say is that they are all about not eating meat.  Instead, they are about living in a healthy way in a way that is at peace with the environment and with their own bodies.

The body of knowledge about vegetarians that most people don’t know is pretty astounding.  Most people do understand the basic three reasons someone becomes a vegetarian which are health, animal rights, and spiritual or moral reasons.  But there are a number of side benefits and little secrets only vegetarians know that if they became popularized, the flood of converts to vegetarianism would be overwhelming.

Some of those little secrets include…

  • Vegetarians are not depressed as much as others because they know some secrets to overcoming depression naturally.
  • Vegetarians do not struggle with weight issues as much as others. 
  • Vegetarians are better informed about nutrition and know how to make the most of what they eat.
  • Vegetarians sleep better, are more energetic, and need less sleep than meat eaters.
  • Vegetarians have a much-reduced incidence of cancer, heart disease, and digestive disorders.
  • Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.
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One secret vegetarian know that gets almost no press is the power of walnuts.  There is a little-known chemical in walnuts called serotonin that is a powerful antidepressant.  Now you can get your doctor to prescribe an artificial antidepressant which can cost you a lot of money and put you at risk for chemical dependency.  Or you can make a nice hot cup of tea with walnut as part of the mix.  About half a walnut shell mixed in with your regular tea brew fills the drink with serotonin.  Taken regularly, you will feel the effects of a chemical pick-me-up that can combat depression very effectively.

Another little secret of vegetarians runs against the normal rules of dieting to get the full value of nutrients you might expect from eating a salad.  Diet theory would have you use no salad dressing or at the very least a zero-fat or low-fat salad dressing.  Vegetarians who are more in touch with the effects of foods on their bodies know that the real value of eating salad is the natural nutrients in leafy vegetables called carotenoids.  But science has shown us that the best way to pull carotenoids from green vegetables is to use a higher-fat salad dressing.  So enjoy that fatty dressing because your vegetarian lifestyle will deliver plenty of weight loss value to you even with this small indulgence that can do you so much good.

Speaking of tea, green tea is often a staple of a vegetarian’s diet because of the little health secrets buried in this amazing drink.  Green tea has the power to help your digestive system, help combat depression, and accelerate weight loss that ancient cultures like the Chinese and India have known for centuries.  Vegetarians have caught up on this secret of health knowledge ahead of us so it’s time well learned from their wisdom.

These are just a few of the wisdom of the ancients that have been rediscovered by the modern vegetarian “craze”.  But it really isn’t a craze because once you start living a healthy life and cashing in on these many benefits a vegetarian lifestyle will give you, you will never want to go back.

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